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Positive pregnancy test – two strips, and if there was only one bar, so, no pregnancy. Digital test. In these tests, there is a special strip – receptacle, which can optionally be lowered into the container from the urine stream or substituted. A pregnancy test shows the result after 3 minutes. When the test came “+” or the words.

Prega News of Mankind Pharmaceuticals is a popular HCG pregnancy test kit that gives you true and reliable results in just 5 minutes. This easy-to-use kit gives result in 5 minutes and can be used at home.

You cannot put your trust in a home pregnancy test that has chances of giving your wrong results. Prega News is the most reliable pregnancy detection brand in the market and you can trust it with closed eyes. 2. Expensive doesn’t mean effective. A lot of times women buy the most expensive home pregnancy kits because they assure effectiveness.

Prega News is a type of an at-home pregnancy test kit. This simple kit is used to detect whether a female/women is pregnant or not. The Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit is commercially sold at almost all medical facilities and stores.

Description- The most trusted and recommended home pregnancy test- Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit is widely popular in the Indian Market. Learn more about Prega news home pregnancy test and be sure whether you are pregnant or not. It’s impossible to ignore some great actors like Kareena Kapoor and Shilpa Shetty Kundra endorsing the Prega news Pregnancy kit.

Prega News Test Kit- Welcome to India’s best pregnancy test kit Prega News. Find the status of your pregnancy. Safely preganacy test at home with our easy-to-use pregnancy test kit