The hymen is a thin, fleshy tissue that’s located at the opening of your vagina. There’s a lot of confusion about hymens out there. Many people think the hymen totally covers the opening of your vagina until it’s stretched open, but that’s not usually the case. Most of the time, hymens naturally have a hole big enough for period blood to come out and for you to use tampons comfortably. Some people are born with so.

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18-08-2014  · our hymen is at the opening to your vagina, different girls have different hymens and some don’t have hymens. You can see your own hymen, if you look at your vulva (external genitals) you can see the hymen around the opening of your vagina, if in tact it will look like a tight ring of flesh around the vaginal opening, if broken it will look like tabs of flesh around the vaginal opening.

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