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The trend followed a similar warning for men after many began rubbing toothpaste on their penises, with the aim of increasing.

File Photo by Library of Congress/UPI In 1901, oil was discovered at the Spindletop claim near Beaumont.

In 1994, Lorena.

It went for his groin and used its horn to rip off part of the skin around his penis. Khumalo grabbed the buffalo’s leg.


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with sesame oil and chilli sauce. Westerners are not used to food that squirms. (It is also perilous: the writhing tentacles.

You can now buy a koala dildo to support victims of the Australia bush fires – Koalas eat eucalyptus leaves, which contain a natural oil that vaporises in heat and causes a smog that is highly flammable .

People are using toothpaste as lube – it’s a really bad idea, docs warn – "The ingredients for toothpaste include abrasives, bleaching agents and peppermint oil, which can all irritate the skin and.

The history of baldness cures is one populated mostly by snake-oil schemes, whether we’re talking miracle elixirs of yore or.

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Mammoet used a 1,600 tonne capacity crane to remove the original reactor at the oil plant, owned by Oman Oil Refineries and.