Revisiting the Sex-Ed Revolution: On Documenting Sex Ed in Queer Bodies – An overwhelming number of friends had never heard dental dams, gloves, finger condoms, or artificial lubrication discussed by their primary care, or, like me, had any idea how to use or where to find.

And, as condom usage continues to decline, the year 2020 will bring about a line of beer.

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Unwanted Pill Is your medicine cabinet overflowing with pill bottles? Get rid of the drugs you no longer need, as well as any expired. Sixty years ago, women’s liberation took off when women were finally able to (largely) prevent unwanted pregnancies, first. “Shut up, you disgusting, pill-popping, sexually deviant scum.” Not so
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Twitter tales: Who did it best? – And it’s the exciting Bubblegum flavour! #BlowUpTheBubble.

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