The protests started after the Citizenship Act became law on December 12 and since then many protesters have.

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4. My scheme has underperformed, what should I do now? Investors should not take an impulsive decision and exit the fund for.

Dhankhar was also not allowed to attend the convocation. “On 23.12.2019 you were asked a number of questions about the.

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At ₹125, the stock is reasonably valued at about 8.3 times its trailing 12-month earnings, lower than its three-year average.

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In December, the maximum daily temperature does not rise beyond 16-18°C in most of Punjab.

The most intense cold day so.

Hearing this out, Governor BS Koshyari reportedly said, “This is not an oath. Read as it is written.

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The information is captured every six to 12 hours and fed into a weather model.

Mohapatra said the aim is to strengthen.

The Central Board of Indirect Taxes (CBIC) on Monday announced the payment of IGST (integrated Goods & Services Tax) refund.