31-05-2018  · Price. Price of Unwanted 72 in India is INR 80 per tablet. Read: How Unwanted 72 works and avoids unwanted pregnancy. Preventol. It consists of 2 oral pills, containing levonorgestrel B.P. 0.75 mg. Preventol is one of the best emergency birth control pills in India, which is to be used within 72 hours (3 days) for the prevention of unintended.

I-pill and Unwanted 72 – When should I take I-pill & what are the Side Effects of I pill? Last Updated – Tue, Aug 07 2018 Similar Questions – What are the side effects i pill? Can I use i pill for pregnancy? What are different emergency contraceptive pills? how should we take unwanted 72? Can I use ipill during periods?

Price ranges from 10 rupees/ per tablet to 110 rupees/ per tablet. The i Pill brand by Piramal is priced at 110 Rupees/per strip. Q11: How often can you take the morning after pill? Very rarely. Only for unplanned emergencies. Do not use as a regular contraceptive. One tablet is sufficient to stop unwanted pregnancy. Doubling the dose does not.

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