Penis Fish are 10-inch-long and pink in complexion creatures known as “Inn Keepers.

Some koreans near the West Sea prefer to eat theirs with kimchi and others skewer ones are grilled with salt,

People there are partial to grilling this worm (which is said to have aphrodisiac properties) and adding some salt, pepper.

Those who have dined on this worm have said it is chewy, salty and surprisingly sweet. It’s often served with a savory sauce.

Seagulls scoop them up from the sands and gobble them down their gullets. Penis fish’ produce a thick mucus, but are a.

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Thousands of pink sausage-like marine worms, commonly referred to as “penis fish”, were found washed ashore at Drake’s Beach.

The tunnels are left behind for other sea life to move in, hence its "innkeeper" name. ‘Penis fish’ are a delicacy in East.

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The wiggly marine worms were stranded on the shore after a strong storm destroyed their sandy burrows in Point Reyes,