"My assistant when was the last time you bathed. me i don’t remember," the singer tweeted. Gaga added the hashtag "#LG6,".

"During breastfeeding, it is important to practice personal care and hygiene. Initially, during breastfeeding, one may encounter sore nipples and cracked skin area surrounding the nipples," she said.

At the said institutions, the First lady presented Sanitation Kits to the Inmates advising them to adopt healthy habits by practicing personal Hygiene and Cleanliness. The Team of Doctors who were.

Contagious sicknesses are in the air, leading to seasonal flu and cold. Eat healthy and build your immunity, and maintain a.

But although every woman experiences it on a regular basis, not everyone is well-informed about the need to ensure hygiene. Menstruating women need to pay particular attention to personal hygiene.

For the students, the school is not just about the book. “Now, we take care of our personal hygiene as well. We take a bath.

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Each trainee was charged Rs 600. As part of the rating, restaurants and eateries have to do a self-assessment on FSSAI website and respond to 47 questions related to design and facilities, control of.

As a result, the flow of urine slows down. For this reason, the risk of kidney infection also increases with UTI during.

Keerthy Suresh, Surekha Sikri Receive National Film Awards Along With Others – It delivers an excellent narrative around menstruation and the breaking of taboos attached with it. Awareness of the.